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WorldSkills USA

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502 Barbara D. Il usa You are all so awesome. It is a very tough competition and you all have everything.Congrats.. Sep 05, 2019
501 Chris O. Ohio Way to go Team USA! you all knocked it out of the park! Sep 05, 2019
500 Tammy B. Georgia We are so proud of the whole team. You challenged the world's best. You're all CHAMPIONS to us!! Sep 05, 2019
499 Joann M. MI I’m so very proud of you. You worked hard. You did your best. And what an awesome experience for each of you! Sep 05, 2019
498 Lindsay M. VA You are all INCREDIBLE! Thank you for representing the U.S. with pride and distinction. We are proud of you! Sep 05, 2019
497 shahzod m. uzbekistan we can! Aug 27, 2019
496 Pat D. FL I absolutely LOVE the idea of this real world skill competition. And I am rooting for the entire American team. But I admit to rooting a little extra for my special nephew, Paul Danenberg. You make us all proud Paul! Aug 26, 2019
495 Edgardo C. Texas Wishing you the best of luck in your competitions! Go team USA! Aug 26, 2019
494 Hollie S. Idaho You amaze me! So awesome! Aug 26, 2019
493 Jay M. WA You got this, team! Good luck from Bremerton High School! Aug 26, 2019
492 Trixie L. Idaho Go team USA! Aug 25, 2019
491 Shanna W. Tx. Dallas Sooo proud if y'all!! Go represent give it your all, that's all you can do!! Aug 25, 2019
490 Kelsey M. Texas El centro SkillsUSA from Dallas, TX is cheering y’all on! Now is the time to set all that practice into motion and make not only all of us proud- but more importantly make yourselves proud! Aug 25, 2019
489 Margaret, Mark and Sam G. TX Best of luck USA! You've got this! Aug 25, 2019
488 Lesley L. NC, USA Enjoy this experience of a life time. Praying for you all! Aug 25, 2019
487 Joan D. Illinois Dear WorldSkills Team, I'm rooting for all of you! Best of luck! Rebecca, can't wait for you to get back! Aug 25, 2019
486 Chris C. Ohio Wishing our nations best of the best a very successful competition and fun-filled week! Win or lose in Kazan, you are all winners already for having made it this far! I am beyond proud to be an American thanks to each of you! Aug 25, 2019
485 Rich S. Florida You guys and girls can do this you are the best and don’t let them show you up. Aug 25, 2019
484 Matthew P. Massachusetts Keep up the great work, you all are rocking it from what I have seen Aug 25, 2019
483 Brian A. Texas Hi colt Aug 25, 2019
482 Brenden M. TX Kick some butt! Aug 24, 2019
481 Susan M. TX You all rock!! Aug 24, 2019
480 Jack B. CA Go team, go. I kind of like worldskills! I hope to pursue more! Aug 23, 2019
479 Henry S, S. california Good luck Aug 23, 2019
478 Paula B. Vermont Good luck Daylan Torres. Setting the high standards of baking in the US, Skills USA Commercial Baking wishes you well in Russia. Aug 23, 2019
477 Cleon C. Idaho Go team usa Aug 23, 2019
476 Lori B. Maryland Go USA!!!! Aug 22, 2019
475 Denice A. Idaho Good luck everyone! You have worked so hard to be where you are today. Be proud for everything you accomplish!!! We love you Ethan!!! ❤️ Aug 22, 2019
474 David F. Georgia Ryan Fincher (Welding) Very proud of you Aug 22, 2019
473 Jeff M. NC Good luck Team USA!!! Go Alex, Aircraft Maintenance!!! Aug 22, 2019
472 Linda M. NC Trinity Aug 22, 2019
471 Heather T. NC Congratulations to everyone and go Alex (Millikan)! Aug 22, 2019
470 Caroline E. New Mexico Go USA! Go Ethan Harrison! Love and prayers to you! Aug 22, 2019
469 Mary R. Michigan God bless you team USA!!! Aug 22, 2019
468 Janey S. NC Very proud of all of you!! Shoutout to Alex Millikan!! Aug 22, 2019
467 Lisa W. MD You already make us proud!! ❤ Aug 22, 2019
466 Elaine A. NC So proud of each one of you!! Special thanks to Alex Millikan! USA!!!! Aug 22, 2019
465 Terri J. Idaho Rupert Aug 22, 2019
464 Kelly M. Idaho All your hard work is paying off! Go USA!! Aug 22, 2019
463 CeCe T. Arizona Good luck WorldSkills USA! We are proud of you! Special shout-out to Jason McGee & Mawadda Abuhamda of Arizona! Aug 22, 2019
462 Sallyann S. Texas Very best wishes for success and a really good time!! Aug 22, 2019
461 Patrick J. Arizona Wishing you the best as your represent yourselves, the USA and showcase your talents to the world. Big shout out to the EVIT Alumni on the USA team. Cheering you on from home! Aug 22, 2019
460 Lee Anne D. Florida Wishing you all the best!! Aug 22, 2019
459 Angela R. New Jersey Best of luck Team USA! Enjoy the experience! Aug 22, 2019
458 Nedra A. Idaho We are with you all the way. God bless. Aug 22, 2019
457 Tom F. Illinois Bloomington Aug 22, 2019
456 Karla H. Idaho It’s showtime! You are ready for this! Breathe, keep your minds clear, and be your very Best selves in all aspects of the Competition! Go team USA!! Aug 22, 2019
455 Ryanna M. Michigan Go out there, try hard, do your best, and amazing things will happen for you! Aug 22, 2019
454 Christi M. Michigan Best wishes to Team USA as it’s time to put all of your hard work into action! Michigan is cheering for you!! Aug 22, 2019
453 Shelly P. Michigan Ryan Meppelink- we are praying for you. You got this...and God’s got you!!! Aug 21, 2019
452 David M. Florida/FL Dept. of Education Proud of you all and wishing you the best in your competitions! Aug 21, 2019
451 Emilia O. TN, U.S.A Congratulations WorldSkills USA! I am so grateful to God for your commitment, courage, and the brilliant decisions you have made to make America proud. I pray that God will protect, guide, provide, and give you wisdom to continue to soar higher like the Eagles, until victory is won in Christ name Amen! Aug 21, 2019
450 Diane L. NE Good luck Team USA!! You rock! Aug 20, 2019
449 Carolyn C. MA WESTPORT Aug 20, 2019
448 Karen C. Tiffin, Ohio Good Luck Team USA! So proud of all of you! Show them what you got! Go Dylan Wertz! Good luck from Tiffin, Ohio Aug 20, 2019
447 Dean D. De Go show the World that the USA rocks when it comes to SkillsUSA!! Aug 19, 2019
446 Francisca R. California San Francisco Aug 19, 2019
445 Rick B. Minnesota Remenber to to take regular renewal beaks during the competition - even a breath at a time - to enhance your concentration and performance Aug 19, 2019
444 Johnna C. GA Thank you for taking the time out of your life and representing the United States of America in World Skills! Best wishes and safe travels!! Aug 19, 2019
443 Megan M. MI Lapeer Aug 19, 2019
442 Sheila R. New Jersey Good Luck! We are very proud of all of you. Aug 19, 2019
441 John F. Oregon Good luck to all of you! I appreciate you all taking time to speak with students and advisers at the NLSC. Aug 19, 2019
440 Dean S. IL Best of luck everyone. You've already made everyone very proud, now go and take the world skills by storm and enjoy every moment of it. Aug 19, 2019
439 Paul H. NC Go get 'em everyone!! You make us proud as you represent the best of the best in SkillsUSA. We love you all! Aug 18, 2019
438 Kara K. MA Work your hardest and make us proud-we believe in you! Don’t forget the people that helped you make it this far! Best of luck!!! Aug 18, 2019
437 Sasha S. PA Congratulations, have fun! Aug 18, 2019
436 Mellissa L. Ny I met a few of you during the National Conference and I am so excited to see what you can do at world skills!! Good luck!! Aug 18, 2019
435 Julissa E. Texas Hey Guys! Good Luck at WorldsSkillsUSA I have full confidence that each of you will do amazing things in Kazan! Just continue making us proud, love y’all ❤️ Aug 18, 2019
434 Aliyana M. Massachusetts CONGRATULATIONS TEAM UNITED STATES! You’ve all made it this far be very proud of yourselves, especially because team United States is so proud of each and every one of you! Keep it the good work and good luck! Be sure to have a fun, safe time ! Aug 18, 2019
433 Lane D. Florida You’ve come so far and practiced hard, we’re extremely proud. We know you’ll represent us well, good luck champions! Aug 18, 2019
432 Branden W. OK Good luck at the WorldSkills competition, I cant wait to see what y'all accomplish! Bring home the Gold!!! Aug 17, 2019
431 Branden W. OK bokoshe Aug 17, 2019
430 Sam S. MA You guys got this! You make us so proud 🙂 Aug 17, 2019
429 Karen V. Massachusetts Good luck! Make the USA proud! Aug 17, 2019
428 Maria B. Massachusetts You are all the best of the best! Making America proud everyday!!! Aug 17, 2019
427 Megan A. IL Best Wishes Team USA Aug 17, 2019
426 Jacqueline C. New Jersey Good luck❤️❤️ Aug 17, 2019
425 Lorena G. New Mexico Wishing you all the best and hope you enjoy this journey. Aug 17, 2019
424 Kate P. Massachusetts Wishing you all the best from Massachusetts!! Aug 17, 2019
423 Brianna L. MA Good luck everyone we know you’ll do amazing!!! Aug 17, 2019
422 Calvin K. Michigan Safe travels- Make a good impression for the USA Aug 17, 2019
421 Joshua D. Massachusetts You guys are going to do great this year show em what we’re made of inthe states! Aug 17, 2019
420 Nicholas M. Massachusetts good luck everyone, especially to the three massachusetts guys!!! Aug 17, 2019
419 joshua l. Massachusetts Hey, win or lose you're making all of us proud. Good luck! Aug 17, 2019
418 Clare C. Illinois Good luck!!! Aug 17, 2019
417 Elizabeth H. MA Good luck! You guys will do great. Make America proud! Aug 17, 2019
416 Rudy M. California USA SkillsUSA competitors, Go with confidence you have the Skills Aug 17, 2019
415 Kaley E. Massachusetts Good Luck!!! You are all going to do great!!! Aug 17, 2019
414 Tony P. Texas Good luck everyone! You’re going to do great. Remember the hard work you’ve put in and how many of us are supporting you back home. Aug 17, 2019
413 Zachary S. Massachusetts Congratulations Aug 17, 2019
412 Owen A. Massachusetts The best of luck to Team USA!!!! Aug 17, 2019
411 Mica M. Massachusetts Hope for the best continue to work hard Aug 17, 2019
410 Jon R. Missouri Good luck and enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity! Aug 17, 2019
409 Marissa M. NJ Good luck!! We believe in you!!! Aug 17, 2019
408 Brian A. Massachusetts Good Luck Team SkillsUSA! You’ve come so far, and you should be more than proud of what you have accomplished. I know you guys will do great! Again, Good luck! Aug 17, 2019
407 Liberty H. Georgia Good luck in Kazan! Y’all are the best of the best and have made it remarkably far! You’ve got this! Aug 17, 2019
406 Skylar R. Florida Good luck and have fun in Kazan! We as SkillsUSA members are so proud to have you represent our country internationally! You've all worked so hard, and we appreciate your effort! Aug 17, 2019
405 Katherine Q. Kentucky Remember to breathe. Sleep well. Take time for self-care. Hype yourselves up. Most importantly, remember that your best is all you can do. You got this! Aug 17, 2019
404 Joe B. Oregon Safe travels, great successes and good fortunes to all of you Aug 17, 2019
403 Carla R. Massachusetts You guys are amazing and perfect role models for students in CTE, good luck to you all, you rock! Remember, win or lose you’ll always be a champion to the entire country! Have fun in Russia!! Aug 17, 2019
402 Grace K. MA Congratulations on being the best of the best! Regardless of outcomes you have made us all proud!!! Best of luck in Kazan! Aug 17, 2019
401 Jarod H. Nebraska I've never been more proud to have a team representing my country and my organization. Aug 17, 2019
400 Raj G. New York City Come back with gold Aug 17, 2019
399 Abi C. MA Good luck!!! This is where all your time and hard work pays off, you’re going to go do great things. USA!!!! Aug 17, 2019
398 jessica b. massachusetts good luck!!! Aug 17, 2019
397 Gabrielle M. MA What an amazing opportunity!!! If you can make it here you can make it anywhere! Good luck! Aug 17, 2019
396 Jon C. Massachusetts If y'all made it to the top of US, I bet you can make to the top of the world! Go team SkillsUSA!!! Aug 17, 2019
395 Addiemae F. FL Tampa Aug 17, 2019
394 Taytum M. Alabama Good Luck!!! You all will do great! Everyone is so very proud of you all. Have a fun and safe trip!! Aug 17, 2019
393 Marcella L. Massachusetts Best of luck to you all! Make many great memories. Aug 17, 2019
392 Dan H. Illinois Now is when all your hard work and training will pay off! Go show the world your wonderful skills and talent! I know you'll all do great in Kazan! Aug 17, 2019
391 Luis F. RI Good luck to everyone remember bring back some gold and have fun Aug 17, 2019
390 Lucien W. Illinois Go get em Rebekah!!! Aug 17, 2019
389 Jace R. Massachusetts You got this!! USA!! Aug 17, 2019
388 Tanyikeh M. MA Be yourself and have fun. You all will do amazing!! Aug 16, 2019
387 Melody P. Arkansas Congratulations on your hard work paying off and best of luck from Arkansas! 🙂 Aug 16, 2019
386 Jill N. Massachusetts Good luck to all, everyone has worked so hard and has deserved their spot!!! Aug 16, 2019
385 Maddie P. Massachusetts So proud of you for representing the hundreds of thousands of SkillsUSA members on a global scale!! Much love from Massachusetts ❤️ Aug 16, 2019
383 Justin N. Kentucky You’re the best of the best in your field! Keep up the good work and represent us well! We’re all extremely proud of you. Aug 16, 2019
382 Mikey N. AZ I believe in you! Aug 16, 2019
381 Ashley O. TX I can’t wait to see how amazingly you will all represent SkillsUSA and it’s members at WorldSkills, good luck and well wishes!!! Aug 16, 2019
380 Ashley O. TX I can’t wait to see how amazingly you will represent SkillsUSA and all of our members, good luck and well wishes!!! Aug 16, 2019
379 Alissa M. Oklahoma Best of luck! Y'all are amazing! I'm so glad y'all represent America! Aug 16, 2019
378 Devon C. Georgia Have fun team! You will do amazing! Aug 16, 2019
377 Sue B. OH Relax. Enjoy. Learn. Go rock the world!! Aug 16, 2019
376 Benjamin B. Oklahoma Good luck on your competition you have already made your states proud and all of SkillsUSA proud!! Good luck in your competitions and Thank you for all of your hard work! Aug 16, 2019
375 Anika K. MA Good luck SkillsUSA! You are truly champions! Aug 16, 2019
374 Karlisle W. RI Good luck everyone! The US is so lucky to have amazing skilled tradesman like you representing us in the national stage! Aug 16, 2019
373 Ethan T. Oklahoma Good luck! We are so proud of you and we know you will do amazing!!!! Aug 16, 2019
372 Marleigh A. Oklahoma Good Luck!! You all are going to do amazing!! We'll be cheering you on! Aug 16, 2019
371 Emma C. Oklahoma Hello WorldSkills USA!! Good luck on each of your competitions. I know you all will do great and will represent USA with well and with pride! Aug 16, 2019
370 Makenna E. TX Aug 16, 2019
369 Austin H. OHIO Good luck and make the USA proud!!! Aug 16, 2019
368 Jennifer L. FL Good Luck at WorldSkills! Aug 16, 2019
367 Elissa H. Ohio Best wishes to the WorldSkills USA Team! We are very proud of you & your accomplished. You truly do represent the best of the best in our country. A special shoutout at VSCTC alumni (Dylan Wertz) who will be competing in Car Painting. Aug 16, 2019
366 Kaylee B. NC Good luck on your competition Ryan and Curt! Aug 16, 2019
365 Eric G. Virginia Leesburg Aug 16, 2019
364 Tondia L. Mississippi Hello Everyone! Wishing you all well from the Cosmetology Program at The Career Development Center in Jackson, MS. Safe travels!! Aug 16, 2019
363 Kristie T. Ohio We are so proud of you, Dylan! Best of luck! Aug 16, 2019
362 Valerie Z. OH Dylan and team: Best wishes for a successful competition! We are so proud of your accomplishments and can’t wait to watch you compete! Aug 16, 2019
361 Kelly B. Ohio Best of Luck!! Enjoy this experience! Aug 16, 2019
360 Tracey K. Ohio Best of luck! Aug 16, 2019
359 Brian Z. Ohio Best of luck...proud of you Aug 16, 2019
358 David B. Ohio Good luck at world skills!! Aug 16, 2019
357 Chris N. OH Good luck. Just remember, your skill got you to where you are. Go out and do your best at what you do. If you do that, no matter what your a winner Aug 16, 2019
356 Rachel B. Ohio Congratulations Dylan!! You are an inspiration to many!! Good luck!, Aug 16, 2019
355 Sharon W. Ohio Good luck at WorldSkills. We are so proud of you. Aug 16, 2019
354 Todd N. Ohio Congratulations. Don’t be scared. You made it to worlds for a reason. Go out there and show them what you got. Aug 16, 2019
353 George B. Ohio Embrace the moment and the nerves!! Aug 16, 2019
352 Melissa N. Ohio Congrats and good luck. Aug 16, 2019
351 Pat M. Ohio Dylan, what an amazing much deserved opportunity. You have Sentinel staff’s 100% support. You got this...good luck and best wishes on your journey. Aug 16, 2019
350 Duane K. Ohio Great job Dylan. We are with you all the way YOU CAN DO IT Aug 16, 2019
349 Paige W. Ohio Good luck to the whole United States WorldSkills team. And to Dylan, everyone back home is so proud of you. Aug 16, 2019
348 Andy B. Ohio Good luck to the world skills team! Represent your country well. Aug 16, 2019
347 Jacob W. Ohio Good luck team especially Dylan! It is an amazing accomplishment to have earned a spot on the world skills team. Do your best and make your county proud!, Aug 16, 2019
346 Lecia W. Ohio Good luck ! We are rooting for you! Aug 16, 2019
345 Eric G. Ohio Good luck relax and breathe. All the pressure is on everyone else Aug 16, 2019
344 Michelle S. Ohio Good luck everyone! So proud of everyone especially Dylan Wertz! Aug 16, 2019
343 Jerry E. oh Congrats Dylan, I know you’ll do GREAT Aug 16, 2019
342 Nichole E. Ohio Best of luck. We are so proud of all your hard work and dedication. Dylan, Sentinel staff and students are rooting for you. Aug 16, 2019
341 Cathy T. Ohio Good luck, You will do great. What a honor to show the world your skills. Aug 16, 2019
340 Derek L. Oh Good luck from Vanguard-Sentinel! We are proud of you all! Aug 16, 2019
339 Terese D. Ohio Best wishes! We are cheering you on from home! Aug 16, 2019
338 Anna H. Ohio Good luck at your contests. What an amazing opportunity for this team of outstanding individuals. Aug 16, 2019
337 Sandy R. Ohio Go Dylan’s! I know you will do a TRRFCC job at SkillsUSA..... Aug 16, 2019
336 Bob M. MIssouri Best of luck to all. Stay focused, pace yourselves, and above your skills & knowledge. Each of you possess high levels of skill which will serve you well. Aug 16, 2019
335 Charles . TN Best wishes to bring home the GOLDS!!!!! Aug 16, 2019
334 Jeannine S. Ohio/USA Congrats on your accomplishments. Take it one moment at a time and BREATHE! Proud of you! Aug 16, 2019
333 Curt M. Ohio Dylan, Best of luck in Russia!! Your skills and abilities will shine through! Have Fun!! Aug 16, 2019
332 Frank R. CA USA Best of luck to all of you, and always remember “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS “ Go team USA! Aug 16, 2019
331 Becky R. Nevada Praying for you leaders of the next age. Aug 16, 2019
330 Daniel R. NV Prayers for you! Aug 16, 2019
329 Angie B. Idaho Best of luck to the best team in the world! Special shout out to Northwest Nazarene's Ben Campbell! Aug 16, 2019
328 Bob M. NH Best of luck to all team members. Julia Spondike- Go get them girl!!!!! Aug 16, 2019
327 Jeff A. Illinois Good Luck Team USA! Whatever the outcome, we’re all super proud of every single one of you. If it’s ok, I’m going to cheer a little extra for DJ. Go get 'em kid... Aug 16, 2019
326 Dan W. Wi GO TEAM USA! Looking forward to hearing about your successes....and special encouragement to the Collision Repair & Auto Painting contestants. DJ & Dylan, make us proud! Aug 16, 2019
325 Norton Abrasives S. MA Good Luck to all the WorldSkills Competitors, representing Team USA! A special shout out to DJ Fors, competing in Auto Body! We are so proud of you, and hope your training will help you to excel!! Best of luck from all of us at Norton Abrasives and RSG! Aug 16, 2019
324 Don S. Iowa Go team USA Aug 16, 2019
323 Tony L. MN Spring Valley Aug 16, 2019
322 Teresa B. Virginia Good Luck to all the WorldSkills Competitors, and a special shout out to Dj and Dylan who will be competing in Auto Body and Car Painting! Aug 16, 2019
321 Shelley R. Indiana Cheering each and every one of you on! Do what you do best and the best you can! You are all winners already. So proud of you all!!! Aug 15, 2019
320 Linda M. IL Congratulations to every one of you!! And Rebekah, you’re in good hands—God’s!! Aug 15, 2019
319 Bill P. Colorado Wishing you the best of luck WorldSkills USA Team. We are proud of you. Show the world we got Skills!!! Aug 15, 2019
318 Kevin W. MI Congratulations World Team!! (Ryan) You ARE the Best of the Best of our future leaders! May you all perform to your highest level and keep your focus. We are proud of your accomplishments, finish Strong !! KW Aug 15, 2019
317 Sabine H. Illinois Good luck to all of you. Keep in mind the discipline you learned getting to this event, the skill you learned practicing, the experience on a different continent in an international group,-- all of it shapes you and strengthens you for what all your futures might hold. For that alone I congratulate all of you and wish you the best of luck! For all of it be present, take it in and enjoy! Aug 15, 2019
316 Tim H. Idaho Thank you all so much for representing your country, your states, your towns and your schools. We appreciate your dedication and hard work. Have a great time! Aug 15, 2019
315 Nicole R. Ohio Congratulations and best wishes!!! Aug 15, 2019
314 Christine S. Massachusetts Gardner Aug 15, 2019
313 Betsy V. New Hampshire Stay strong Team USA! Good luck at the competition. What an honor to be there competing at the World level! Aug 15, 2019
312 Sandy W. MI We are wishing you a succesful event. Do great work and make us proud. Aug 15, 2019
311 Barbara W. Tennessee Jacksboro Aug 15, 2019
310 John T. Select Ireland region Best of luck to you and your Team USA Scott ,hope you have an enjoyable and productive experience. John Twohig Aug 15, 2019
309 Matt L. MA Fitchburg Aug 15, 2019
308 Jami M. Colorado GO GET ‘EM, AMERICANS!!! Love from a Colorado athletic Trainer and former Missouri State Officer. We are cheering for YOU to be your best!! Show them what the Golden Rule is all about. Aug 15, 2019
307 Samantha M. Massachusetts Way to go!! Best of luck. You already look like winners to me. Aug 15, 2019
306 Dawnette R. Idaho I wish you all the best in all your competitions. You have accomplished so much to get where you are. No matter the outcome, think of this amazing experience that you will remember forever. You've made so many friends, family, instructors, institutions and Americans proud! Go Team USA!!! Aug 15, 2019
305 David R. Idaho Good luck to all of you! Go Pauly! Aug 15, 2019
304 Denise P. IL Best of luck team USA! Enjoy the experience! Aug 15, 2019
303 Corey P. IL All the best to those competing! Aug 15, 2019
302 Jane C. MA Gardner Aug 15, 2019
301 Aly T. Massachusetts Good luck to all the competitors! You've all worked so hard and are ready!!!!!! Aug 15, 2019
300 Shelly N. WY Casper Aug 15, 2019
299 Linda C. Ohio Springfield Aug 15, 2019
298 Kara V. TN Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Crossville is very proud of you all. We wish you all the luck in the world and know you will do great! Aug 15, 2019
297 Diane B. MA USA DJ wishing you & your WorldSkills USA Team the Best In your upcoming competion! Aug 15, 2019
296 Lauren V. Massachusetts Good luck! SkillsUSA is an amazing organization and you should be so proud of your achievements so far! GO TEAM USA! Aug 15, 2019
295 Anne Marie C. Massachusetts Best of luck to all of Team USA. You have made your families, teachers, schools and states proud. We know you will make the USA proud. Have fun. You've got this. On a side not..... go 'em DJ. Aug 15, 2019
294 Rama B. MN Amazing work this year!!! Work hard, meet other great teams, and do your best. I wish that you all have a wonderful time and achieve even more amazing things. Aug 15, 2019
292 Vasiliki A S. Il Congratulations, and enjoy the experience of a lifetime! Happy travels! Aug 15, 2019
291 Celine C. Vermont Go team!!! Wishing you the best experience. Aug 15, 2019
290 James (Jim) O. Wisconsin Appleton Aug 15, 2019
289 Greg S. Kansas Best wishes in everyway, nothing but support and encouragement from South Central Kansas Aug 15, 2019
288 Maureen B. Massachusetts Aug 15, 2019
287 Suzanne T. New York Wishing everyone the very best of luck! Go team!! You are all winners ! We are all very proud of you. Have fun and be safe. Aug 14, 2019
286 Michael A. FL Congrads!! Aug 14, 2019
285 Glenn B. nc Good Luck to everyone especially those from NC Aug 14, 2019
284 Ray E. USA & Global Verisurf Inspection Software for CNC supports the entire team, we are so proud of you !! If we can help let me know. Aug 14, 2019
283 Al C. Hawaii I couldn't be prouder of all of you guys! As a SkillsUSA alumni, I love knowing that you are the upcoming best and brightest. Do your absolute best and know that years from now you will look back with enormous smiles on your faces. Best of luck!!! Aug 14, 2019
282 Mary A. Tennessee Go show the WORLD who's the BEST! Show up with your approved attire (pressed and shining) and your wonderful smile, and relax. YOU'VE GOT THIS!!. You know your skill/trade better than any one else. You've worked hard to get to this point. Give it the rest of what you've got -- GO FOR THE TOP SPOT! Prayers for the best to you all! Aug 14, 2019
281 Marla M. Ohio Good luck, you have come so far! You are winners! Aug 14, 2019
280 Katy M. MA Congratulations to all of you on getting this far. Best of luck as you continue on to Worlds! You have studied and trained and are the best in your fields. You are READY!!! Aug 14, 2019
279 Jack F. Kansas Good luck! Make us proud. Aug 14, 2019
278 jenny a. iL best of luck!! Aug 14, 2019
277 Kristin U. IL Congratulations on your accomplishments. Enjoy this opportunity to meet new people, see new places, and make unforgetable memories. Aug 14, 2019
275 Lisa L. IL Congratulations to you all for believing in yourselves enough to compete at such a high level in the industry. Special shout out to Rebekah from Illinois!!! Aug 14, 2019
274 Lisa L. IL Niles Aug 14, 2019
273 Darian L. Oklahoma Congratulations on making it to the WorldSkills competition! Wishing you much luck and support! Aug 14, 2019
272 Tanya B. Washington Congratulations to you all for your hard work and dedication. Have faith in your skill, believe in your training and have an amazing time! Best of luck! From all of us at Columbia Basin College SkillsUSA WA Aug 14, 2019
271 Dana K. AZ Good Luck to all our young people! Very proud of Team USA!!!! Special shout out to Jason & Mawadda--EVIT & AZ are cheering for you!!! Good luck to all; have the best time!!! Aug 14, 2019
270 Dana K. AZ Gilbert Aug 14, 2019
269 Dana K. AZ Mesa Aug 14, 2019
268 Joseph O. Ca. USA You've prepared, and you've improved your potential. As the moment draws near, do not doubt your ability! Go out there on the world stage, and be the best that you can be!! Good-luck! Aug 14, 2019
267 Gaye M. Florida Our thoughts are with you from Suncoast Technical College in Sarasota Florida... go team USA... We are so proud of you. Aug 14, 2019
266 Julio g. california "The Greatest Failure is not to try" author unknown Aug 14, 2019
265 Martha C. CA Enjoy this exceptional journey! You are all amazing, beautiful and talented! Have the confidence to be you and excel in your pursuits. Aug 14, 2019
264 SkillsUSA KY & Alumni A. Kentucky We are wishing everyone the best of luck on your endeavors. No matter the outcome, each of you are champions. Each SkillsUSA member across the nation is rooting for each of you!! Aug 14, 2019
263 Kim T. Muscle Shoals, Alabama Alabama is so PROUD of all of you! You have worked extremely hard to get to WorldsSkills! Best wishes for an awesome experience! Aug 14, 2019
262 Tracy F. Ohio Tiffin Aug 14, 2019
261 Brooke G. RI Good luck to the entire team!!! You’re making us so proud with all of your hard work and dedication. Special shoutout to Daylan for representing Rhode Island and JWU so well! Aug 14, 2019
260 Deonna A. Missouri WOW, its finally here. All your preparation, training and hard work will serve you well. Through all the anticipation, stress and excitement, remember to BE PRESENT in each moment!!! Soak it in, embrace each opportunity and trial. Every SkillsUSA member is proud of you and support you. ROCK THE HOUSE TEAM!!!! Blessing to each of you! Aug 14, 2019
259 Jim B. Wisconsin Dear World Skills USA Team - What an exciting time in your lives! The skills you have continued to improve on will provide ALL the Confidence You Need to be successfull at the WorldSkills Competition. We WISH you the BEST and know you will do your BEST! Travel safe and have FUN! Aug 14, 2019
258 Isaac H. IL Bloomington Aug 14, 2019
257 Tammy D. TN Wishing you the best on your travels! I know you will all do well! Aug 14, 2019
256 Judy R. IL Focus, make new friends, and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience! Go USA Aug 14, 2019
255 Michael S. MN You all rock! Thanks for representing us - we are cheering you on! Aug 14, 2019
254 Clarence H. ND The best of Skill and Luck, Bring home the gold!!! Aug 14, 2019
253 Kris O. CO Congratulations and best of luck!! Aug 14, 2019
252 Celina B. New Mexico Wishing you all the best and safe travels! Aug 14, 2019
251 Terry n. TX Good Luck at Worlds. I know you will have a great time. Aug 14, 2019
250 Leslie O. CA You've got this! Great looking team-so proud of you all!! Aug 14, 2019
249 Christine M. Minnesota Congratulations to the WorldSkills USA team! Your accomplishments thus far are very impressive. What a great opportunity for you all to learn and participate on a global scale. We are proud of your success thus far and look forward to hearing of even more success! Again - Congratulations and enjoy every moment! Go Team!! Aug 14, 2019
248 Ernest C. Texas,USA Good luck guys all the way from Texas!!!! GO USA... Aug 14, 2019
247 Cassie S. Oklahoma Congrats to you all! You will do great! We are proud of you! Aug 14, 2019
246 Ross K. Minnesota Congratulations to everyone for your accomplishments thus far and best of luck in Kazan! Aug 14, 2019
245 Kristy L. Erwin, TN Thank you so much for representing the USA. All of your time, hard word and dedication will pay off. Congratulations on being selected and Good Luck!! Go Team USA! Aug 14, 2019
244 Ross K. Minnesota Woodbury Aug 14, 2019
243 Emily B. MN Congrats! Have an amazing time. We are very proud. Aug 14, 2019
242 Jeff H. Missouri Best of luck to all of you! You will represent the USA very well and all the skillsUSA members are rooting for you!! Aug 14, 2019
241 Adell m. CT Make sure you have fun. You are there and are already outstanding a medal would be nice, but they get put in the box with the other trophies. Make lots of new friends and smile. Aug 14, 2019
240 Jessica N. California Congratulations to each and everyone of you! The entire country stands behind you while you compete! Go team USA Aug 14, 2019
239 Tonya W. MO Congratulations on making it this far in your journey. Good Luck and God bless. Aug 14, 2019
238 L C. Georgia Good Luck!! You all are the best of the best! Have fun, make some great memories ! Aug 14, 2019
237 Kim P. SC Greenwood Aug 14, 2019
236 Karen B. S.C GREER Aug 14, 2019
235 Rhonda W. MO Good luck to each of you. You have already won, simply by making it this far. Take it all in!!! Aug 14, 2019
234 Michele S. NJ Congratulations! Continue to do your best and take in every minute of your experience at WorldSkills! Aug 14, 2019
233 Stephanie D. Arizona Good luck World SkillsUSA!!! Aug 14, 2019
232 Diona S. TX You all have worked so very hard this past year and all have a talent that got you this far... and will take you even further! You have a strong support here in TX. Work hard but have fun! Wishing you the best of luck team, you are awesome! Aug 14, 2019
231 Amanda B. CT So proud to be part of an organization that affords opportunities like this to well deserving members. Good luck to the USA WorldSkills Team! Aug 14, 2019
230 Chris K. MN Dear Team - Aug 14, 2019
229 Karla L. Tennessee GO TEAM USA !!!!!!! Aug 14, 2019
228 Cheryl A. Ohio Congratulations. Enjoy the ride and represent! Aug 14, 2019
227 Mark D. Illinois Savor the moment. Enjoy it all and just have fun. Everything else will take care of it's self. Aug 14, 2019
226 Dennis P. MD Good Luck and Have fun and bring some medals home to US Aug 14, 2019
225 Dawn W. Ohio Best of luck to each and everyone of you. I hope to hear that you brought back many medals to the United States of America! Aug 14, 2019
224 Sandy M. Va. All the best to America's Team! We are proud of you! Aug 14, 2019
223 Joy M. Ga Way to excel! Keep up the outstanding work! Aug 14, 2019
222 Ruthie C. Arkansas Good luck WorldSkills USA Team!! So proud of you all. Aug 14, 2019
221 Jennifer E. IL You all are extremely talented, congratulations on your accomplishments, thus far. Wishing you joy and much success through your journey. Aug 14, 2019
220 Susan L. Vermont Best of luck to you!! Do your best, represent the USA well, and HAVE FUN! Aug 14, 2019
219 William H. Georgia Good Luck! Hope everyone has a safe and rewarding trip! Aug 14, 2019
218 Ashley H. Georgia Give it all you’ve got, take the world by storm, and remember y’all are the best of the best! Fight hard for what you believe are champions! - Georgia Post-Secondary State Vice President Aug 14, 2019
217 Mona K. FL You ROCK!!!! How awesome hope you all do well but most of all have FUN.. Aug 14, 2019
216 Christine L. NC Good luck! Aug 14, 2019
215 Grant T. Florida A wholehearted congratulations to each and every one of you, and the collective group that represents the United States! Show the WORLD your dedication and SKILL, and the ever amazing enthusiasm of the United States of America. Aug 14, 2019
214 Joseph P. Indiana Good luck everyone! You are the best in the country at what you do and I have full confidence that you will not let us down! Just keep your heads up and do what you have been trained to do and everythign will work out! Aug 14, 2019
213 Ron C. MO Congratulations and enjoy your trip! We know its not luck but 9SKILL that got you here so..........Best of Skills and enjoy your rewards!! Aug 14, 2019
212 Howard F. Connecticut Do your best every day! Aug 14, 2019
211 Bruce L. MA BEST OF LUCK!!! We are proud of you. Aug 14, 2019
210 Melvin B. Maryland Frederick Aug 14, 2019
209 Dale F. Florida YOU are the Best! Show the world how hard you have worked to get to Russia. We are Proud of our WorldSkills Team USA! Aug 14, 2019
208 Patience D. Michigan Good luck at competition! Let your skills shine! I’m sure you will represent your country well! Go USA! Aug 14, 2019
207 Kay G. Michigan You have worked hard and trained hard so go and do what you know and enjoy every minute of the experience. Aug 14, 2019
206 Maureen T. Minnesota BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!! I look forward to seeing you all in Kazan soon! Be proud. Be confident. This is your moment to shine. Aug 14, 2019
205 Timothy R. New Jersey Wishing Colt Schultz the absolute best of luck! Your talent is unbelievable and bring back gold! And wishing the entire USA team best of luck!!! Aug 14, 2019
204 Andrea A. KS I am so proud that you all are representing us here in the states. I hope you have fun and enjoy this amazing adventure! Best of luck to the USA’s best! Aug 13, 2019
203 Damon G. New Mexico Skills USA World Team, you can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the confidence in yourself and your abilities! Remember that you have the unconditional support of the most powerful nation in the world, so just go out there, have fun, and do your best! We Love You All!! God Bless!!! Aug 13, 2019
202 James J. Virginia You have worked hard to get here. So play harder to win here. Have fun, enjoy the moment, and the results will speak for itself. Go USA Aug 13, 2019
201 Jay C. Texas You guys are going to absolutely ROCK this! Full faith in your abilities! You’ve trained HARD and you’ll compete HARD! Safe travels and do your best and make yourselves proud! Aug 13, 2019
200 Ken D. Id Twin Falls Aug 13, 2019
199 Kathy C. Idaho Good luck in Russia! You all make us so proud of you. Aug 13, 2019
198 Lynne H. MN Good luck to all of you! Aug 13, 2019
197 Debbie D. Or A speciall shout out to my grandson Benjamin Campbell. And to the rest of you all, may God protect you and give you the wisdom and protection as you’re in Russia Aug 13, 2019
196 francisco r. fl Congratulations to each one of you! How very proud to have made it to worlds! Enjoy yourselves and go get them! Aug 13, 2019
195 Jade I. Rhode Island All the best! You are already world winners in my eyes. Rhode Island is rooting for you!!! Aug 13, 2019
194 Carl C. TN -Recently moved to FL Wishing every team member the very best and know that you have a strong support base in the USA. Do your very best and the results will take care of themselves! Aug 13, 2019
193 Roger W. Arkansas I want to wish each member of the US team best wishes in the WorldSkills Competition. Win or lose this will be an opportunity of a lifetime you will always cherish as the years go by. So make the best of every moment, make a lot of new friends and a few of them will be a friend for life. So go USA and bring home a lot of medals. Aug 13, 2019
192 Jackson T. TX Brownsville Aug 13, 2019
191 Judy P. MI Best of luck to all!! And to my son.. Scott May..I Love you and Good Luck!!! Aug 13, 2019
190 Denise B. VA/USA Best wishes! Take good care of each other! We are so very proud of all of you! Aug 13, 2019
189 Al H. Florida Green Cove Springs Aug 13, 2019
188 James K. Tennessee So proud of America’s best and brightest. You are all world champions! Aug 13, 2019
187 Laura D. MI Cheering you on and wishing you all the very best! Aug 13, 2019
186 Lori S. New York Congratulations on your accomplishments and enjoy the experience! Aug 13, 2019
185 Marc K. PA Go team USA! Good luck and make the most of your time in Russia! Aug 13, 2019
184 Sheri P. Ohio Congratulations to each one of you! How very proud to have made it to worlds! Enjoy yourselves and go get them! Aug 13, 2019
183 The V. Pennsylvania Congdon your fine work. And GOOD LUCK in Kazan!!! Aug 13, 2019
182 Princess P. FL Congratulations to you all, and good luck in your competition! I pray that you all have safe travels to and from and ghat everyone preforms above and beyond their expectations. I understand how much pressure you may feel, however just practice and relax and everything will be great! Aug 13, 2019
181 Timothy M. Ohio Congratulations to all of the competitors and coaches! You already made me proud of your passion, dedication and professionalism. I look forward to seeing all of you in Kazan. Have fun and enjoy the experience! Aug 13, 2019
180 Colton S. Texas Stay strong as a team. Each of you have a different talent but together as a team will will be strong. God bless you all. Aug 13, 2019
179 Ken B. North Carolina Best of luck team! What a great way to represent USA and SkillsUSA! Aug 13, 2019
178 Shaun S. Colorado Good luck World Skills USA Team from SkillsUSA Durango in Colorado! Congratulations on making the team. We're very proud of you. Aug 13, 2019
177 Lily D. Illinois, USA Congratulations and good luck in your contests! We're proud of you for representing us. Aug 13, 2019
176 Judy Henegar H. TN We at Murfreesboro TCAT support and wish everyone a successful trip. You are the great leaders of the future and we all stand behind you. Aug 13, 2019
175 Susan S. MI Go team USA! Go Ryan! Aug 13, 2019
174 Rhonda S. Michigan So proud of all of you! Keep the skills going! Go USA! Aug 13, 2019
173 Steve P. Michigan Do your best USA team! You compete under the same flag that me and my brothers have written into combat. Stay focused and give it everything you can. I'll be praying for you guts and especially Ryan! See you soon brother. Aug 13, 2019
172 Todd A. Michigan Team USA make us proud. Ryan Meppelink Stand tall and show them what you’ve got! Aug 13, 2019
171 Brian M. Alaska All the best as you represent the US - from your SkillsUSA team in Alaska. Aug 13, 2019
170 Lillian F. New York You all are CHAMPIONS! Give it your best... Aug 13, 2019
169 Ricardo G. California Wish you all nothing but the best! We are rooting for you! Aug 13, 2019
168 DENISE W. FL Good Luck!!! Aug 13, 2019
167 Monyamarie B. OKLAHOMA Congratulations! Best wishes for your success & remember. No matter what, you are ALL CHAMPIONS!!! Aug 13, 2019
166 John and Rosemary N. Mi Way to go,USA! Go Ryan! Show your skills! Aug 13, 2019
165 Janet Y. Michigan Ryan and Team USA, You have all worked so hard to get here! You should be incredibly proud of this accomplishment. Your skills will bring home the GOLD!!! GO TEAM USA!!! Aug 13, 2019
164 Linda H. Michigan Prayers and bushels of best wishes to all members of USA team . Grandma Linda Aug 13, 2019
163 Tara R. Va Team USA!!! You got this! It’s what you have been practicing and preparing for. We are so proud of you! Do your best and know... you are already CHAMPIONS!! Have a great time and enjoy the moment. You will remember it for the rest of your life. Aug 13, 2019
162 Chris T. MN Good luck at the world competitions. you are all champions! Aug 13, 2019
161 Alan P. Virginia Good luck @ the Worlds. Had great experiences @ District, State. and National levels during my 14 years of teaching Auto Mechanics. Aug 13, 2019
160 Dave B. VA Go SkillsUSA! Aug 13, 2019
159 Keith D. NE GO BIG RED! Aug 13, 2019
158 Ellen T. C. New York Best Wishes on your endevors in Russia. What a wonderful experience that will give you a life time of memories. Aug 13, 2019
157 Jay A. CA Congratulations on the achievement of making it to the WorldSkills USA team! Wishing you lots of luck as you demonstrate your skills to the world! Aug 13, 2019
156 Nick P. AZ As a 1993 SkillsUSA WorldSkills competitor I wish y’all the best of luck! Stay focused, do your best, and relish the opportunity to represent our United States of America. Aug 13, 2019
155 Dave S. UT GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!! Good luck in representing CTE programs in the USA!!!!!!! Aug 13, 2019
154 Michael H. Texas Good Luck to everyone. You all are prime examples of the success we want for everyone in this great country. With your minds, hands, and voices you are making us all proud! A special shootout to Colt, an amazing young man and role model in our community! Aug 13, 2019
153 David D. Kentucky Congratulations on making it this far! We are all rooting for you to bring it home. Remember to enjoy this moment and no matter what you all are #1 in our book. Aug 13, 2019
152 JoAnn V. NC I would like to wish you all my best wishes. Work hard and take the time to enjoy meeting new people from all over the world. Aug 13, 2019
151 Barb M. OH Springfield Aug 13, 2019
150 Dustin B. Massachusetts You got this! Make us all proud!!Sending love from Massachusetts Aug 13, 2019
149 Kevin M. Kansas Wishing all of you the very best as you represent America at the upcoming WorldSkills in Russia. Use all the skills you have acquired over the many years of mastering your discipline and bring home the gold! Aug 13, 2019
148 Alicia H. RI Congratulations, first and foremost!! You are all champions no matter the outcome!! Just remember that you have already won. Good Luck Future Leaders!!! You Got This!!! Aug 13, 2019
147 Denise H. Utah Go team USA! Show off your skills as you represent us at the world SkillsUSA Competition. Remember, YOU are there for a reason. Aug 13, 2019
146 James G. TX Congratulations Team USA. You Got This. We are all proud of you. Aug 13, 2019
145 Emelie K. Kansas Textron Aviation wishes you safe travels on your journey to Russia. Congratulations on all you have achieved getting to this point and best of luck at your competitions! Aug 13, 2019
144 Ronald H. Ohio Tiffin Aug 13, 2019
143 Jacob W. Va Best of luck to the World Skills team! We are very proud of your representation and commitment! A special shout to my girl, Julia! Take no prisoners!! Aug 13, 2019
142 Samantha C. Georgia What a wonderful experience to represent the USA!!! We are very proud of you and know you can do it!!!! Aug 13, 2019
141 IRIS R. GA Atlanta Aug 13, 2019
140 Caleb H. North Carolina Ya'll are gonna crush the competition! Good luck! Aug 13, 2019
139 Matt E. Utah We are proud of you. Represent us with class. Remember who you are and be proud of where you come from.Thank you. Aug 13, 2019
138 Lacy P. North Carolina Hey you guys! You've made it to the very top of the Skills USA ladder, congratulations! I made it as far as Nationals, and that in itself was amazingly rewarding. I can only imagine how amazing this will be for you. Remember, regardless of how this goes, you guys have made it further than most, and have proven yourselves dedicated and more than worthy of this world stage. Good luck AND ENJOY!!! Aug 13, 2019
137 Brian B. MA Congratulations and all my best wishes to the best of the best. You have already made us so proud of you! You are awesome! Aug 13, 2019
136 Edward S. VA Go Team USA!!! We will be rooting for you and pray that you have a safe trip from your Virginia SkillsUSA friends Aug 13, 2019
135 Ruth C. Florida Best Wishes for Much Success!!! GO TEAM Aug 13, 2019
134 David R. West Virginia Congratulations and good luck. Represent Skills and the USA. Competition will be tough, but your just as tough. USA... USA...USA. Aug 13, 2019
133 Gary G. New Mexico ALBUQUERQUE Aug 13, 2019
132 Roxana S. California Wish you the best. I know you guys and girls will do an awesome job. Enjoy every moment of this experience. Aug 13, 2019
131 Kathleen N. Texas Fort Worth Aug 13, 2019
130 Hunter G. Missouri Congratulations to you all for making it to World Skills competition and I wish each and everyone of you luck in your competitions. I know you will do amazing!! You are all champions!!! Aug 13, 2019
129 Steven L. MI Otsego Aug 13, 2019
128 Stephanie G. Louisiana Congratulations!!! You can do it! Proud of all! Safe Travels!! Aug 13, 2019
127 Josie W. VA So excited for you all to show your skills!! I know you have worked really hard leading up to this moment; Go USA! Aug 13, 2019
126 Rose B. Texas Wishing you a great competation and success as you embark on this grand adventure to Russia! Aug 13, 2019
125 Greg R. North Carolina Best of Luck in each of your competitions and savior the moment, it will last a life time. Aug 13, 2019
124 Kellis A. Al Good luck with the contest and have a great time! SkillsUSA was important for my confidence so this is an amazing opportunity. I am sure you will do us all very proud. Aug 13, 2019
123 Sue Ellen F. Oklahoma Best of luck in Kazan. I know each of you has trained hard to prepare for your competition. We will be cheering for you from Oklahoma! Aug 13, 2019
122 Anne H. TX Go USA team, make us proud, do your best and represent our United States of America with respect and integrity. We're proud of our USA team 2019. Aug 13, 2019
121 Kimberly H. Texas Good Luck! Have fun making memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life! We are SKILLS USA and we are PROUD OF YOU ALL! Aug 13, 2019
120 Cynthia C. Missouri Have a great time representing the GREAT USA. Stand proud and do your best. Aug 13, 2019
119 kimberly h. TX Palestine Aug 13, 2019
118 Freddie A. Texas Best Wishes to you on your next event. Thank you for your hard work dedication and commitment in reaching this point to represent Skills USA. Aug 13, 2019
117 Adam C. Massachusetts So proud of the entire WorldSkills USA Team! Can't wait to see the results of all of your training and hard work over the past years. Remember you are all Champions at Work! Aug 13, 2019
116 E S. VA YES, you can! Aug 13, 2019
115 Steve J. IN Thank you for your dedication. Representing the United States is a great honor. Wish you the best of luck for your competition. Thank you. Aug 13, 2019
114 Aric D. Vermont Let’s see that gold! Aug 13, 2019
113 Ernema B. MO My best wishes to all as you represent the U.S.A. in Russia! You make us proud! Prayers for safety, clarity of mind and a friendly but fierce competitive spirit! Aug 13, 2019
112 Robert P. TX SPRING-MONT Aug 13, 2019
111 Tammy P. Arkansas YOU made it!!!! Congratulations! Look how far you have come. This shows your diligence and skill level. I hope you are proud and honored as I am so proud of Team USA!!! Good luck and God Bless! Aug 13, 2019
110 Kristi C. Al Blessing and safe travels to all our team members! Bring home the Gold! Aug 13, 2019
109 Sam A. Florida Be proud! Be courageous! Be winners! Rememeber your training and rely on your skills to make you successful! Aug 13, 2019
108 Larry T. TX College Station Aug 13, 2019
107 Karen K. Mississippi Go team USA ! from Jones College SkillsUSA in Ellisville Mississippi Aug 13, 2019
106 Anthony F. Ohio Congrats to all the Team members and good luck during the competition? USA!!!! Aug 13, 2019
105 Tara B. Oklahoma USA! USA! USA! Aug 13, 2019
104 Jared M. Utah Good luck guys and gals. Go USA! Aug 13, 2019
103 Rick D. GA Best wishes for safe travels and great outcomes from your awesome adventure. Delighted to see such a great group representing the U.S. Aug 13, 2019
102 Mary B. Tennessee Go Team USA! Do your best, compete well, and enjoy yourself! Aug 13, 2019
101 Toni H. Florida Good Luck! We’re proud of you. Aug 13, 2019
100 Brandi L. Tennessee Much love and support from Tennessee! Aug 13, 2019
99 Robert R. CA Good luck at WorldSkills 2019 Aug 13, 2019
98 Brian C. NC Good Luck to all from Stanly Community College Aug 13, 2019
97 Dusty C. Illinois As I have been following the team, I can see the that right people were chosen to represent the United States and Russia for these skills competitions. I wish all of the competitors the best of luck in whatever category you are in. And to one very special person on the team, Rebekah Hagbeeg I wish you the best of luck and I am very proud of you. Aug 13, 2019
96 Chris P. TX Team USA! Just know that the Automotive Technology SkillsUSA Team here at Texas State Technical College in Waco Texas is pulling for all of you. We wish you the best of Luck and Pray for Safe Travels!! Aug 13, 2019
95 Dan S. ME It was a pleasure meeting all of you at this past conference. Wishing you the best of luck showing off your skills to the rest of the world! Wish I was with you. Aug 13, 2019
94 Saundra C. New Mexico We are so proud of all of you. Go USA! Aug 13, 2019
93 Karen W. New Mexico Wow!!--World Competition....WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!! Absorb as much as you can, and keep a journal! You'll be glad you did! Aug 13, 2019
92 Roy B. Ga Valdosta Aug 13, 2019
91 Bill L. Georgia We are proud of what you have done...compete well and have fun!!! Aug 13, 2019
90 Dewayne M. MS Brandon Aug 13, 2019
89 Marney L. Georgia Proud of all you have accomplished to get to this point! Have a great time! Aug 13, 2019
88 Michelle L. Louisiana Reach for the stars!!! Congrats on getting this far and we are already so proud you all! GO USA!!! Aug 13, 2019
87 William B. CT Good luck and do the USA proud. Were very proud of you!! GO USA!!!! Aug 13, 2019
86 Justin D. Mississippi GO TEAM USA!!! USA! USA! USA! Aug 13, 2019
85 Heather M. MS Good luck, y’all! We are all so proud of you! These are the memories that will last you a lifetime. Aug 13, 2019
84 Chef Darin N. Florida We are wishing you all the best! Good luck in your competitions and bring home those GOLD medals! Aug 13, 2019
83 Jim R. PA Go Team USA! The SkillsUSA Alumni are all behind you. Bring home the gold!! Aug 13, 2019
82 Jeff J. Kentucky Dixon Aug 13, 2019
81 Addie D. TX Good luck!!!!! Aug 13, 2019
80 Tom K. MI Good luck to you all!!!! Aug 13, 2019
79 Cindy T. Oregon Well done, everyone! You all have amazing talents and abilities so enjoy your time in Kazan, have fun, be safe, stay humble, and do your best! Aug 13, 2019
78 Jessica A. Tennessee Congratulations on all of your accomplishments thus far! You will do outstanding at WorldSkills! Have fun! Aug 13, 2019
77 JOE V. IN Century Career Center's SkillsUSA Indiana Chapter is wishing you save travels and best of luck! Aug 13, 2019
76 Dodie A. Pennsylvania Many blessings and safe travels on your epic adventure!! Aug 13, 2019
75 Terry Y. Washington Spokane Aug 13, 2019
74 Avery P. TN Blountville Aug 13, 2019
73 Mechelle D. Ga / USA I'm blessing each of you with, faith, love, strength, understanding, wisdom and power to execute well. Have fun and enjoy. Aug 13, 2019
72 Heidi W. VA You know I'm with you all the way! You are an awesome team. Aug 13, 2019
71 David p. TN Wear that red white and blue with pride. Best of luck Aug 13, 2019
70 Milly D. TX Best wishes for safe travel and a successful competition. We're rooting for you! Magnolia High School Health Science SkillsUSA Chapter, Magnolia, TX Aug 13, 2019
69 David A. WI Best of luck in Russia. Compete with integrity and joy Aug 13, 2019
68 David W. VA This team is outstanding and we wish them the very best as they showcase their talents to the World! Aug 13, 2019
67 William v. North Carolina Rocky Mount Aug 13, 2019
66 Kathy B. South Carolina So proud of each and everyone of you. You all are a wonderful hope for our future. Aug 13, 2019
65 Sean M. Minnesota Team USA! Best of luck in Kazan. All of the hard work you have put in as a team is ready to pay off. We are so proud to have you represent us! Good Luck!!! Aug 13, 2019
64 Constance S. Alabama Bring home the GOLD! Aug 13, 2019
63 David H. WSI Dear Team USA - you are about to embark on an amazing journey. Skills change lives. Be proud of your career, your skill and do the best you can! Most importantly do yourself proud! We look forward to welcoming you to Kazan!! See you soon. Aug 13, 2019
62 Mitchell A. OK I met a handful of you guys at Nationals, and it was a true pleasure. You guys are rockstars, and I know you'll do great things not only at WorldSkills but in your life as you move forward. Oklahoma is supporting you! Good luck. Aug 13, 2019
61 Justin M. Missouri Great job on making it this far in your journey. You have all worked hard to make it to the WorldSkills Competition. Best of luck to each and everyone of you and have fun! Aug 13, 2019
60 Jeff R. CO You are already champions. Go relax, have fun, and do your best. We are proud of you! Aug 13, 2019
59 Roy S. Kansas We are proud of you, do your best and hold your heads high! Aug 13, 2019
58 Thomas B. California San Francisco Aug 13, 2019
57 Chandra K. Missouri Good luck from Harrisonville MO!!! Wishing you all the best! Safe travels!! Aug 13, 2019
56 Laura S. VA Best of luck to you all! Safe travels!! I know you will do an amazing job at representing our Country as well as SkillsUSA! Aug 13, 2019
55 Allen S. GEORGIA Congratulations on getting this far, Go have a great time and have fun. Set your dreams and goals and go for them!These will be everlasting memories, as I remember my days competing! Best of Luck! Aug 13, 2019
54 Rachel B. Ohio Congratulations on your victories, and I hope you continue to work hard and have a great time on your trip! Skills is so proud of you! Aug 13, 2019
53 Bryan S. Tennessee Good luck from SkillsUSA at Riverdale High School in the state of Tennessee Aug 13, 2019
52 Eli M. Georgia Aug 13, 2019
51 Melinda J. OH Best of luck in your individual competitions. You are the best of the best. I am certain you will all make us proud. Go USA!! Aug 13, 2019
50 Carolyn R. n/a The most exciting experience for all of you. Keep the faith be confident and smile because you're the best. Yahoo! Aug 13, 2019
49 Tim D. OK Congratulations on your journey to WorldSkills! You have proven to have the right stuff and I hope to meet each and every one of you in Kazan! You can do this! Aug 13, 2019
48 Shanta V. MS Believe in your ability to succeed and you will win on all levels. We are cheering for you all. Safe travels and have FUN. Aug 13, 2019
47 Mark H. Michigan Best of luck to all the competitors. Do your best, and remember that you are all already champions! Aug 13, 2019
46 Karen M. Nevada Nobody is better than our USA TEAM! Remember to have fun! We are already PROUD zig All of You! Aug 13, 2019
45 Angela R. TN Harriman Aug 13, 2019
44 Arisbey G. Arizona Congratulations! You will do great! Aug 13, 2019
43 William G. Indiana Good luck and have fun!! Aug 13, 2019
42 Teresa M. IN Best of luck to you all. This will be a once in a lifetime experience and you will be representing all of us back here in the USA who will be rooting you on. You are already the best of the best!! Go BE YOU!! Aug 13, 2019
41 Michael M. nc Good Luck and represent the USA and Skills USA Aug 13, 2019
40 Lynnette F. Nebraska Way to go Team USA!!! Aug 13, 2019
39 Nick R. Illinois Go team USA!!! We @ Caterpillar are proud of you!!! Aug 13, 2019
38 Julia R. OR Good luck out there! Make some tasty food to culinary and baking!! Aug 13, 2019
37 Sharon B. TN Good luck and enjoy the experiences at the competition! Aug 13, 2019
36 Chris R. OK Do your best. We can ask nothing more. Aug 13, 2019
35 Eric P. AZ Just do your best and remember you can do anything you set your mind and heart too Aug 13, 2019
34 Kevin G. Wisconsin Aug 13, 2019
33 Mike S. Michigan Congratulations to you ALL! Aug 13, 2019
32 Julie B. Massachusetts Best of Luck You are all making us so proud!!!! Aug 13, 2019
31 Marissa M. North Carolina I wish y'all the best. Congratulations on going to WorldSkills! Aug 13, 2019
30 BILL O. az Gilbert Aug 13, 2019
29 Tony G. NE Lincoln Aug 13, 2019
28 Kristen D. MI Coldwater Aug 13, 2019
27 Sally W. MO Blessings for a safe and successful trip to Kazan! Aug 13, 2019
26 Navindra H. New York All the best Team USA! You got this ! Aug 13, 2019
25 Jacqui P. FL We're so proud of you all for representing the USA! Cheers for Julia from American Culinary Federation's National Office! Aug 13, 2019
24 Susan P. Oklahoma Oklahoma sends its BEST WISHES! Congratulations to each of you competing! It will be the trip of a lifetime! Have fun! Aug 13, 2019
23 Stefan P. Austria Team USA I wish you all the best for the competition in Kazan. Try to give your best and never forget its much more then a competition. Its also about making friends all around the world for a better understanding of each other! Aug 13, 2019
22 Pam B. TN Lawrenceburg Aug 13, 2019
21 Raymond G. VA Best of luck to our competitors!!! Aug 13, 2019
20 Ray G. Kentucky , USA Good Job, be roud of your accomplishments and best wishes for safe travel --- enjoy the journey ! Aug 13, 2019
19 Renee B. TX Best of luck at WorldSkills!!!! Stay Strong! Aug 13, 2019
18 Don R. MI - Michigan Best of luck. Savor every moment. Aug 13, 2019
17 Wayne E. Mississippi Good luck - and God Bless the USA! Aug 13, 2019
16 Loretta C. California Praying for safe travels and success in your competitions! Aug 13, 2019
15 Nolan O. VA Best of Luck in Russia! Go Team USA! Aug 13, 2019
14 Angie V. Kentucky Harned Aug 13, 2019
13 Jon H. Nebraska Wahoo Aug 13, 2019
12 Abigail T. FL I was there when they announced that you would be going to WorldSkills, and I was there last year as you showed the attendees of the National Conference what it means to succeed. I’m so excited to see such talented young men and women representing SkillsUSA and America at WorldSkills. Good luck, and remember you are all champions. Aug 13, 2019
11 Tammy B. Michigan Best of luck in Russia, you all make us proud. Go Team USA! Aug 13, 2019
10 Cindy W. Maryland You have shown us how amazing all of you are, and now it's time to show the World! We will be cheering you on along the way! Best wishes to Team USA and have a great time!! Aug 13, 2019
9 Shoaib N. Utah Best of Luck and we all proud of u guys so much. Allah bless you. Aug 13, 2019
8 Joshua B. NH Good Luck & Represent us well from SkillsUSA New Hampshire Aug 13, 2019
7 michele b. Texas Waco Aug 13, 2019
6 Richard L. Delaware The best of luck to you all! I know how hard you have worked to earn a place on Team USA, so let’s show the world what you’ve got. Aug 13, 2019
5 Craig M. Virginia Go WorldSkills USA! Aug 13, 2019
4 Claudia D. Ohio You got this guys! Enjoy the moment and the amazing opportunity! Julia: Do your thing!! Aug 13, 2019
3 Cheryl M. Arizona,USA We shall be cheering for your team and wish all of you the best! Aug 13, 2019
2 Hayley U. Virginia Bring home the gold!!! Aug 13, 2019
1 Karen K. VA Go team! Win medals! Jul 23, 2019