Alex Millikan

Alex Millikan

Age 22
Hometown: Trinity, N.C.

Representing the United States at WorldSkills in Aircraft Maintenance

Alex Millikan has been interested in automobiles for as long as he can remember, but he didn’t become interested in aircraft maintenance until his junior year of high school. When he signed up for the U.S. Air Force Reserves, he discovered his passion and it has remained a prominent part of his life ever since.

For Alex, aircraft maintenance is a family affair. Alex came to find the craft and discover his strong mechanical ability through his father and grandfather. His grandfather was an Avionics Technician in the U.S. Air Force, and his father is an aircraft pilot.

Experience in the Air Force Reserves, his education from Guilford Technical Community College and his training at Timco Aviation Services have also greatly contributed to Alex’s vast aircraft maintenance skills. “I love troubleshooting and having the ability to fix problems that arise with aircraft. My love of fixing things and solving problems motivates me to be a better mechanic every day.”

While he prepares for the WorldSkills competition, Alex will be juggling a full-time job, school, and his commitment to the Air Force Reserves. He also aims to get his private pilot’s license and a bachelor’s in Aviation Safety or Aviation Maintenance.

“Times ahead will be rigorous, but the reward will be worth it. It is an honor to represent the United States and have the ability to put my skills to the test with other nations around the globe.”



On competing in the WorldSkills competition:

“Having this opportunity to represent the United States on a global stage at WorldSkills is not only an honor, but also a privilege. To be able to do something I love just makes it that much more enjoyable.”

Advice for others:
“Having a thirst for knowledge, a commitment to your work and an eye for detail are key(s) to succeeding in aviation maintenance.”

On SkillsUSA’s role:
“I have been involved with SkillsUSA since June 2017. That year, I received first place in Aviation Maintenance at the post-secondary level, and the experience afforded me great recognition from my school, my community and future employers. I have gained a better knowledge of other career fields outside of my own, and a greater appreciation for career and technical education.”

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