Clifford Stockton

Clifford Stockton

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska
Expertise: Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Training WorldSkills USA competitor Alex Millikan

Clifford Stockton began his career in aviation maintenance and technical training in the United States Air Force. After joining the civilian sector, he continued in the field and discovered a passion for teaching and training. Once retired, he began to volunteer as a judge with the SkillsUSA aviation competition, becoming a Technical Committee Member after a few years.

Clifford believes that competing in WorldSkills will introduce Alex Millikan to the concept that there is reward in hard work, and that he is part of a worldwide team of aviation maintenance technicians. He advises Alex to be humble, stay open to new ideas, and always be available and willing to share knowledge and wisdom as he develops his career.

“I expect these competitors will become pillars and exemplars of their field in their vocation, as well as their community.”