Daylan Torres

Daylan Torres

Age 20
Hometown: Fall River, Mass.

Representing the United States at WorldSkills in Bakery

Since he was a young boy, Daylan Torres gravitated toward the kitchen. “There was something that would always catch my eye. I pretended to make ‘soups’ in my grandparents’ back yard out of whatever leaves, weeds and twigs I could scrounge up.” Daylan began to truly discover his passion for baking when he took a cooking class in middle school, but he credits attending a culinary arts course at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School as changing the course of the rest of his life.

“I had the intention of enrolling in a Health Assisting program to kick-start a medical career. I ditched my dreams of becoming a doctor to become a chef, and I am still hooked to this day.”

Daylan spends countless hours researching, looking at pictures, playing with formulas and making product to perfect his techniques, but he starts and ends every day with a smile because he is doing something that he loves. “I never get bored, and I always enjoy doing what I do. It’s like I haven’t worked a day in my life!”

A student at Johnson and Wales University, Daylan is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Baking and Pastry Arts. After graduation, he hopes to find a job where he can utilize both his baking and pastry skills – making breads, pastries, cakes, plated desserts, and more.

“I love the creativity, the attention to detail, and the hard work that goes into everything we do. The beauty, the art, and the science all intertwined makes for one beautiful musical that takes my breath away with every product that I make.”



On competing in the WorldSkills competition:
“Having this opportunity to represent the United States on a global stage at WorldSkills is not only an honor, but also a privilege. To be able to do something I love just makes it that much more enjoyable.”

Advice for others:
“There is so much opportunity out there, so grasp it while you can and take advantage – you never know what kind of adventures life will bring. Eventually, someone will see the fire within you, your talent, and your passion. I can attest to that.”

On SkillsUSA’s role:
“I have been involved with SkillsUSA for nearly seven years – I have received scholarships for school, earned my Certified Journey Baker certification from the Retail Bakers of America, received recognition on a national level, and now I will represent the United States for something that I love to do. The organization has provided me with so many wonderful opportunities, and I’m inspired to spread the message to show others why SkillsUSA is so great!”

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