Ethan Harrison

Ethan Harrison

Age 18
Hometown: Blackfoot, Idaho

Representing the United States at WorldSkills in Cabinetmaking

Ethan Harrison loves to build things and work with his hands. Inspired by this—and a simple wood drafting class he took in middle school—he enrolled in cabinetmaking as a sophomore in high school and discovered his talent for the craft. His instructor, Peter Golinveaux, was the first to notice his potential.

“I would never have pursued this had my instructor not expressed confidence in my skills. As I worked, I developed a passion for woodwork and have tried to build my skills ever since.”

Ethan is planning to train as hard as possible in his preparations for WorldSkills competition. Being a perfectionist, he continually practices in order to accomplish tasks with near perfect results. “Like the saying goes, practice makes perfect.”

When Ethan finishes his projects, he typically gives them to his family or donates them to his church and high school.

“I love the feeling of taking something simple and ordinary, and using my hands to build and create something beautiful.”

Ethan’s dream is to own and operate a furniture shop that builds one-of-a-kind pieces of heirloom quality. In order to accomplish this, he plans to attend college and obtain a degree in business.


On representing the U.S. at WorldSkills:
“I am truly honored by this opportunity. After so much work and effort, nothing could top it. I believe that the United States is the greatest nation on earth and hope, as a team, we can prove that to the world.”

His advice he would give someone wanting to train in cabinetmaking:
“Learn from others – people with experience have so much to offer. Asking questions has helped me more than any other training.”

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