Novirah Lone

Novirah Lone

Age: 19
Hometown: Plymouth, Mich.


Representing the United States at WorldSkills in Cooking

WorldSkills competitor Novirah Lone says the 2024 Cooking competition will allow her to visit one of the biggest food capitals of the world. “I’ve never been to France, but I have been learning French since the 7th grade and can understand it quite a bit!” She says she is incredibly grateful for the privilege of being selected for the team. Lone represented the state of Michigan at the 2022 SkillsUSA Championships and won a national gold medal in Culinary Arts. She is a student at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Mich. with an expected graduation date in the winter of 2026. Her expert, Greg Beachey from Silt, Colo., will train Lone for the competition. Lone credits her success to the chefs from Plymouth Canton Education Park where she attended high school, from Schoolcraft College, from her technical expert Chef Greg Beachey and from her parents. “They have all supported and guided me through this journey and I am forever grateful for them all.”

Lone says what she likes best about cooking is creativity and adventure. “I’ve always been one to play with my food and eat unheard of food combinations just to find what works. This process can be a rollercoaster of good and bad ideas and having to experiment to find what works best has always brought me joy.”

Lone says, “The way I feel about being selected cannot be put into words. I am beyond proud of my ability and incredibly grateful for the privilege of being selected for this team.”

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