Designation: Cyber Security

Cesar Ibarra

Cesar Ibarra serves as an Associate Professor/Lead Instructor at Texas State Technical College, where he specializes in cybersecurity. To address the skills gap in the United States, Cesar believes that college students should be provided the opportunity to take part in job shadowing in order to see and understand why certain topics are important to…
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Mwadda Abuhamda, Cyber Security

Mawadda Abuhamda

Representing the United States at WorldSkills in Cyber Security Mawadda Abuhamda’s love for technology has always fueled her interest in cybersecurity, but the driving factor was her dream of becoming an agent working in the cybersecurity division for a government agency. After competing in WorldSkills, she plans on getting a bachelor’s degree at the University…
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Jason, McGee Cyber Security

Jason McGee

Representing the United States at WorldSkills in Cyber Security Jason McGee discovered his talent in cybersecurity while he was attending the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) in Mesa, Ariz. His passion for the trade was fueled by his experience at the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, which he claims was an incredibly helpful resource in…
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